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Chang, Jian, Zhang, Jian Jun, Xiaosong, Yang, Farmer, Stephanie, Chaudhry, Ehtzaz, Khosravi, Maral, Manuella, Nagiel, Li, Tingting, Cullen, Elysha, Feltre, Stefano, Robinson, Andrew, Gilaudyate, Greta, Solari, Lorenzo, Re, Doriana, Buchner, Sophie, Dempsey, Darryl and McClelland, Alexander (2021) VISTA-AR 3D DIGITAL LIBRARY WITH PARAMETRIC MODELLING TOOL.
VISTA-AR is a research project funded by ERDF that is working closely with a number of tourist attractions in the South of England and the North of France, to develop an understanding of visitor experiences, create new virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) digital interpretations, and explore new business models enabled by digital technology. The consortium consists of University of Exeter (Leader), The Regional Council of Brittany, The municipality of Fougères, Bournemouth University, Centre des Etudes Superieures Industrielles, NEOMA Business School, Ecole Europeenne Superieure d'Art de Bretagne, Exeter Cathedral. 3D Digital Content Library: The digital assets are arranged in data repositories, which are multimodal and include a variety of data forms 3D models, textures and animations etc. Digital Content includes (Architecture, Character/Animation and Device Model) three levels of detail (LODs) high, medium, and low. Parametric Modelling Tool: • Based on the Unity Multipurpose Avatar (UMA) system. • Provides re-usability to model new male or female character models. • Ensures easy rigging and animation of character models. • Allows you to customise character parts (Height, Muscle, Arm Length, Leg size, Weight) and Face (Eyebrows, Eye Spacing, Nose Size, Mouth Size, Head Size, Jaw position, Eye size). • The tool is available in two languages EN/FR. • After customizing characters, the tool allows you to export the model as an .FBX file.
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