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Rock art

Swedish Rock Art Archive, N/A (2011) Rock art.
Website of the Swedish Rock Art Archive (SHFA). Access to material related to the thesis can be requested from here. This thesis examines rock art documentation methods within the field of archaeology, starting with traditional analogue methods and moving through to digital documentation methods. It then introduces analytical processes which allow us to get more from the 3D models created by digital documentation. A key theme in the thesis is that of democratisation and accessibility. By focusing on these concepts through the lens of Scandinavian rock art, the author suggests several improvements that could be made to the overall workflow of documenting and analysing carved panels. Digital recording methods have been suggested to be more democratic than traditional methods, and this is explored within the discussion of this thesis, as well as how this can be improved in the long term. Rock art is found all over world in various forms, and is an endangered heritage both due to climate change and vandalism. It is important that it is documented before it is lost, and also as a resource for evaluating change over time. Visualising rock art is an important strategy for both displaying and evaluating carvings, and also for the discovery of new carvings. One of the intentions of this thesis is to democratise the documentation, visualisation and analysis of these carvings. The thesis comprises of twelve published articles and a supporting narrative which cover a wide range of digital recording methods and visualisation techniques as well as more theoretical aspects of Bronze Age Scandinavian rock art. It also includes articles about democratic methods, and democratisation in general. This thesis presents a large body of work which incorporates both methodological and theoretical works that have contributed to our understanding of Scandinavian Bronze Age rock art studies, and which can be applied to multiple topics.
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